Driver Kills Two Pedestrians at Sugar Creek Country Club in Bradenton

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On February 2nd, two people lost their lives and several more were injured after a woman backed her car into a group of pedestrians in a parking lot of a Florida clubhouse.

According to Lt. Gregory Bueno with the Florida Highway Patrol, the accident took place that Sunday in Bradenton. Bueno explained that a woman backed her car up in a parking lot at the Sugar Creek Country Club community, where church services were letting out right around the same time.

The driver backed up and collided with a small crowd of pedestrians, leaving two of the pedestrians dead and a few others injured. The number of pedestrians injured was not made immediately available by authorities.

The vehicle kept rolling and finally came to a rest when it entered a lake adjacent to the clubhouse. The driver did not appear to have been seriously injured.

Sugar Creek is a 55 and over mobile home community. The driver of the vehicle that backed into the group of pedestrians was a 79-year-old woman. Despite recent accidents like this one involving drivers over age 75, recent IIHS data actually shows that the frequency serious traffic accidents caused by older drivers have been on the decline since the mid-1990s.


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