Multiple Motorcyclists Injured in Miami Crash

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On Thursday, February 6th, Miami-area rescue crews responded to a violent multiple vehicle accident scene involving three motorcycles. The traffic accident took place at SW 100 Street and Krome Avenue in Southwest Miami-Dade County during the afternoon hours.

Miami-Dade Fire Rescue officials said a total of six motorcyclists had been taken by ambulance to area hospitals. Investigators explained the motorcycles had been heading southbound on Krome when they crashed into an oncoming van pulling a utility trailer. The driver of the van claimed that he first attempted to brake in order avoid a rear-end collision with the car directly in front of him, but was unable to stop in time and he swerved to the left. As he steered away from the first potential collision, he crashed into the three motorcycles approaching from the opposite direction, each of them carrying two riders.

One of the bikes caught fire and burst into flames. Of the patients transported, four were categorized as trauma alert patients, according to Miami-Dade Fire Rescue. Two of the accident victims were taken to Jackson Memorial Ryder Trauma Center and two more were taken Kendall Regional Medical Center.

A local area news helicopter flew over the crash scene, capturing footage of one badly burned motorcycle and at least two more motorcycles that were damaged and lying on their sides. No further information was provided. The present condition of the motorcyclists is unknown and police did not specify whether any citations were issued in connection with the accident.

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