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The Benefits of Hiring a Spanish Speaking Attorney

August 21, 2018

Spanish Speaking Lawyer In the legal community, Spanish language skills are a growing trend and for good reason. In the United States, 38 million people speak Spanish as their primary language at home, a number that has doubled since 1990. If your primary language is English, you’ll have no problem finding a lawyer no matter how small your community. If, however, your primary language is Spanish, finding an …

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What to Do If You’ve Been Bitten by a Dog

In the United States there are approximately 4.5 million reported incidents of dog bites each year. With 70 million dogs living in the US, the percentage of dogs that bite would seem to be about 6.4 percent. With many dog bites going unreported, however, those numbers may not accurately reflect the number of incidents that occur each year. If you or someone you know is ever bitten or …

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Traffic Safety Measures on Tampa’s Bayshore Blvd

In May 2018, a mother and toddler were tragically hit and killed by a speeding motorist along Tampa’s scenic Bayshore Boulevard. This senseless and unspeakable loss of life inspired cries for a more pedestrian-friendly roadway. These concerns were recently heard at a city council meeting where Bayshore Boulevard was discussed. The popular roadway, favored by pedestrians, cyclists and motorists alike, has been under the microscope after the terrible …

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Tampa Wrongful Death Lawyer

June 13, 2018

The loss of a loved one is a difficult and harrowing experience, and if you believe that the cause of their death was due to negligence of another, it can create an even deeper feeling of grief. Taking legal action by submitting a wrongful death claim may not be your priority as you go through the grieving process, but it is important to be aware of the time …

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Tampa Car Accident Attorney

Have you recently been injured in an auto accident in the state of Florida? Are you searching for a Tampa personal injury attorney? This article will help you determine whether you should hire a lawyer to represent you, what you should look for when considering an attorney, and what your expectations for your representation should be. At The Scene Of The Accident If you’ve just been in a …

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Understanding Car Accident Insurance and Legal Issues Surrounding Insurance

While all drivers have car insurance it doesn’t necessarily mean they are ever expecting to be involved in an accident and many times, drivers purchase insurance based on the price and not the coverage. With many factors on the roads that can result in accidents, including distracted and inexperienced drivers, the possibility of being in an accident is always present and that is why it is important to …

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How to Select a Personal Injury Attorney in 4 Steps

If you’ve recently sustained injuries from an auto accident or a motorcycle accident in the state of Florida, you may find yourself in the position of looking for a Florida personal injury attorney. While seeking treatment for the injuries you may have sustained following an accident should be your priority, it is also important to choose an attorney who will best serve your needs. In this article, we …

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