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52 Injured in California Tour Bus Rollover Crash

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Posted on August 27, 2013

A California tour bus carrying casino-bound passengers crashed near Irwindale early on August 22nd on California’s 210 Freeway. The bus overturned following a two-vehicle crash, sending 52 passengers to nearby hospital emergency rooms.

Early investigation results, conducted by California Highway Patrol (CHP) Officers, revealed that the bus driver, a 55-year-old California resident, was at fault for executing an unsafe lane change. The bus was eastbound in the number one lane when it moved right into the number two lane.

However, the driver allegedly failed to properly check his mirrors and did not see a white Hyundai Elantra in the number two lane. Most tour buses are equipped with mirrors allowing the driver to view any vehicle that might be on either side. The bus struck the Elantra from the side and then veered all the way to the right, off of the roadway where it then overturned. The bus landed on its side and slid several feet beside traffic lanes. 51 passengers, along with the driver, were temporarily trapped inside.

All occupants had some form of injury. 32 people had minor cuts and bruises, 11 experienced moderate injuries, and 5 elderly passengers were seriously injured. Traffic was blocked for miles as a total of 7 patients were rushed by helicopter medevac to regional hospitals. All 52 occupants were treated for injuries and at least 12 were transported by ambulance to nearby hospitals.

Initial reports cite the tour bus company, Da Zhen Travel, to be in the 56th percentile. In the past 24 months, a few of its drivers had received traffic citations while operating company buses. Da Zhen is likely to face several personal injury lawsuit claims from many of the passengers aboard the overturned bus.


San Gabriel Valley Tribune

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