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Boat Accident

Leading Causes of Boat Accidents in Florida

Although Floridians enjoy boating throughout the year, safety remains a prevalent concern for this popular pastime. In an effort to decrease the amount of boat accidents that occur, the state of Florida, along with the US Coast Guard Auxiliary, offers… Read more

Teen Fatality in Labor Day Boating Accident

This past Labor Day, Katie Yule, a 15-year-old student of Keswick Christian School was fatally injured in a boating accident on Lake Seminole in Pinellas County. The accident occurred when Katie, along with a companion, Aubree Franz, 13, of St.… Read more

Florida Leads the Nation in Boating Accidents

With weather that allows for boating year-round, it may come as no surprise that Florida continues to lead the nation in boating accidents. The Florida Center for Investigative Reporting conducted a study on this unfortunate ranking that the Sunshine State… Read more

Water Sports Accidents and Statistics

Encouraged by year-round sunshine and warm weather, water sports and activities are common for Florida residents and tourists. As temperatures climb in summer months, involvement in water recreation activities including boating, parasailing and kayaking increases as well. Unfortunately, water sports… Read more