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Car Accident

Safety Tips for Older Drivers

Aging can have an impact on many daily activities, including driving. Statistics have proven that senior citizens are more likely to be involved in minor car accidents than young or middle-aged adults. Additionally, the fatal car crash probability rate rises… Read more

What Information Should I Get at the Scene of an Accident?

Generally speaking, accident scenes commonly involve motor vehicle crashes. However, an accident scene can also refer to occurrences of personal injury that does not involve automobiles. Faulty construction equipment, damaged sidewalks, or broken railings can all potentially become “accident scenes,”… Read more

Summer Driving Months Deadliest For Teens

The summer means teens have more time to kick back and relax or have fun, but unfortunately, the less structured schedule also leaves more time for distractions like texting, eating or applying makeup while driving, according to a May 24… Read more

Ask A Lawyer: Car Crashes

There are more than 200,000 car accidents in Florida every year. Most of them are the result of careless driving. The experience of a car crashing into you in a matter of seconds due to a distracted driver‘s negligence can… Read more