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Catastrophic Injury

Wave Runner, and Jet Ski Safety Tips

Personal watercrafts (PWC) are a common pass time for residents in the greater Tampa Bay area and other popular tourist destinations throughout Florida. PWCs are defined as jet-propulsion boats designed to carry between 1 and 4 riders. The term PWC… Read more

Concussion Baseline Testing

Concussion baseline testing is a newer, proactive concussion management tool available to athletes and sports-training personnel. In an era of increased brain injury awareness and new evidence of the long-term dangers of concussions, the administration of a baseline concussion test… Read more

Signs of Head Injury

Head Injuries are referred to clinically as traumatic brain injuries (TBI), occurring when an outside force acts causes temporary or long term damage to the brain. The force can be direct, such as a punch, blow from an object or… Read more