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Dog Bite

What to Do If You’ve Been Bitten by a Dog

In the United States there are approximately 4.5 million reported incidents of dog bites each year. With 70 million dogs living in the US, the percentage of dogs that bite would seem to be about 6.4 percent. With many dog… Read more

Florida Dog Bite Accidents

With respect to personal injury lawsuits, animal attacks and the matter of liability primarily involve dog bites or dog attacks. Other types of animal attacks may occur in the wild or on public land, but typically have no involvement with… Read more

Florida Dog Bites and Personal Injury Lawsuits

Each year, approximately 4.7 million dog bite injuries are reported in the U.S. Half of these incidents involve children who have been bitten, and the vast majority of cases involve a familiar or household dog. In Florida alone, nearly 500… Read more