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Florida Supreme Court Reinstates Personal Injury Award in Bizarre Premises Liability Case

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In October of 2013, the Florida Supreme Court issued a decision in Friedrich v. Fetterman & Associates, PA, reinstating the jury’s verdict for a plaintiff injured while visiting a law office and sitting in a chair to speak with an attorney about an unrelated personal injury claim. Robert Friedrich, the plaintiff in the recent case, was injured in a 2010 automobile accident. Following the accident, Friedrich visited the offices …

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Understanding Florida Premises Liability

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Florida homeowners, private property owners, and commercial property owners are subject to liability provisions under premises law. All Florida residents share certain common responsibilities for the general safety of any person who enters their property including a home, retail store, or office. Homeowners and landowners are responsible for maintaining the conditions of each square foot of a lot. In most cases, homeowners have a duty to repair any known …

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