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RICE: Immediate Measures to Treat Soft Tissue Injuries

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A soft tissue injury is a general term used to describe any damage to muscle, ligaments or tendons that can result in a sprain, strain, muscle pull, or tear. These injuries are common to sports and recreational activities. Soft tissue injuries can also result from car accidents or slip and fall accidents. A soft tissue injury can result in inflammation, external or internal bleeding, bruising or swelling. Healing occurs as …

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Slip and Fall Accidents and Statistics

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Slip and fall accidents occur every day in the US and cost millions in lost wages, medical bills and legal fees. Sadly, the largest percentage of slip and fall injury victims are made up of senior citizens. The resulting injuries from a slip and fall accident can be painful and permanent. Sometimes, these accidents are due to conditions of negligence and fault may lie with another person, establishment, business, …

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Taking a Client-Centered Approach

We strive to serve as a pillar of knowledge, strength, and comfort for clients after they have gone through traumatic experiences. By providing the attentive and compassionate support they need to successfully navigate through their case, we aim to show our clients that no matter what, we are here for them.

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