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Colorado Car Crash Leads to Explosion, Arrest

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Posted on September 19, 2013

On Thursday, September 5th, a suburban mountain neighborhood was rocked by a sudden car explosion. Around 3:40pm, residents of Colorado Springs, Colorado, witnessed a car accident that suddenly exploded into a blazing spectacle.

According to official police reports, a local man, Joshua Morgan, of Colorado Springs, was driving along Cheyenne Mountain Boulevard toward the intersection of Colorado State Highway 115. Morgan was allegedly driving at an excessive rate of speed when he rear-ended another car stopped at the intersection.

The crash victim’s car caught fire just a few seconds after the initial impact. Flames flashed and suddenly engulfed the car. As first responders arrived on the scene, the fire exploded in a fiery burst as onlookers watched in awe. Police explained that the crash victim’s car caught fire and exploded due to personal oxygen canisters being carried in the vehicle’s trunk.

Two police cars and a fire truck belonging to the local Colorado Springs fire department were among the units responding and were damaged by flying debris. Fortunately, accident reports that no drivers, accident witnesses, or emergency responders were injured by the blaze.

Morgan was administered a field sobriety test by police officers and was immediately placed under arrest for suspicion of driving under the influence of drugs. Police did not release any details as to whether Morgan admitted fault or provided any statements regarding the use of substances. Charges may follow pending the outcome of further testing and investigation

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