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Dog Bites: Who Will Pay for the Damages?

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Posted on July 7, 2016

In many situations, individuals injured by dog bites do not bring legal actions against owners because they fear that the owners will suffer financial hardship as a result. In other cases, persons who have been bitten do not file legal claims out of fear that they will ruin their relationship with the dog owner. However, there is no need for a dog bite victim to worry about such situations.

In most cases, owners do not have to pay for the damages caused by a dog bite. Instead, the owner’s insurance covers the costs of a legal claim and any resulting judgment or settlement. Depending on a wide range of circumstances, a claim resulting from a dog bite injury may be paid by the following:

Homeowner’s Insurance

Majority of the time, a dog owner’s homeowner’s insurance will cover the cost of damages that arise due to dog bites that occur on the homeowner’s property. While homeowner’s policies generally range between $100,000 to $300,000, most insurance companies will only cover the costs of the first incident of animal-caused injuries. In fact, most of these policies include verbiage, which excludes subsequent claims related to dog bite injuries.

Animal Insurance

Because many insurance companies only cover the costs of dog bite injury expenses for the first incident, pet owners that are considered repeat offenders are forced to obtain insurance coverage from a company that specializes in animal insurance. If you suffer injury due to a dog bite and that dog owner is considered a repeat offender, they may have animal insurance to cover the costs of your injuries.

Vehicle Insurance

If a dog bite occurs in the dog owner’s vehicle, the homeowner’s insurance policy may not cover damages. In these types of cases, the vehicle owner’s car insurance policy may cover the cost of the animal a bite. Sometimes, a combination of the homeowner’s insurance and the vehicle insurance will cover the damages.

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