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FSU Tight End Walks Away from Motorcycle Wreck

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Posted on August 8, 2013

Florida State University football player Nick O’ Leary amazingly walked away from a horrific motorcycle accident after he was ejected some 100 feet, media reports show. The accident occurred on May 2.

O’Leary nearly missed smashing into the windshield of a Star Metro Bus parked at an authorized bus stop,, which obtained the crash report and surveillance video from the bus, reported. His bike went airborne after he crashed into the left front fender of a Lexus.

O’Leary was transported to Tallahassee Memorial Hospital Emergency Room where he was treated for non-life threatening injuries. The driver of the Lexus was cited with causation of the crash.

Known among the Seminoles as “one of the top tight ends in the country” O’Leary has 33 career catches for 416 yards in his first two years at FSU and also happens to be the grandson of golf icon Jack Nicklaus.

When Coach Jimbo Fisher addressed the crash at a live press conference captured onYouTube, he said: “he wrecked that daggone scooter and was banged up for about a month,” but he “looks very good.”

Beating the Odds

If you take a brief look at the statistics, then you may realize that O’Leary was very, very lucky.

Motorcycle drivers and passengers are obviously much more vulnerable to serious injuries and fatalities from a collision with a car than the passenger car drivers and passengers protected by the car’s shell.

  • Per vehicle mile traveled in 2011, motorcyclists were over 30 times more likely than passenger car occupants to die in a motor vehicle traffic crash and five times more likely to be injured, 2011Traffic Safety Facts from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration show.
  • Head injuries are the leading cause of death in motorcycle crashes, a 2010 reportfrom the National Transportation Safety Board shows.
  • While 20 percent of passenger vehicle crashes result in injury or death, an astounding 80 percent of motorcycle crashes result in injury or death, a 2003 reportfrom the NHTSA showed.

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