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Kia recalls around 209,000 cars in the US due to accelerator issue

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Posted on March 27, 2015

Faulty accelerator pedals have recently forced Kia Motors to recall approximately 209,000 cars in the United States. The cars recalled are solely Soul compact cars, whose accelerator pedals have been reported to break or bend with increased pressure over time.

A correspondent closely linked with Hyundai Motors, the proprietor of Kia Motors, reported that the 209,000 cars recalled were from the 2014 and 2015 electric and gasoline lines of the Kia Soul. Due to the lack of support that the specific cars have received involving the malfunctioning accelerator pedals, Kia issued a recall. According to the U.S. national Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the pedals caused drivers problems with acceleration of the vehicle and maintaining speed. The problem undoubtedly increases the likelihood of a car accident.

“If the vehicle has a bent or broken accelerator pedal, the driver may have difficulty accelerating the vehicle, increasing the risk of a crash,” said NHTSA in a summary of the recall.

Twelve different claims had been reported to Kia as of February 24th, but even sooner had Kia already sent some of the fractured pedals to South Korea for evaluation. Although no accidents due the malfunctioning pedal have yet been reported, the tests concluded that the pedals needed proper adjustments. Kia plans to add a supporting rubber beneath the accelerator pedal at no costs, which can be taken care of at local Kia dealerships.

The recall officially began on March 24th. So if you or anyone you know happens to own a Kia Soul manufactured within the last two years, please make a scheduled appointment with the Kia dealership. Any other information regarding the recall or Kia specific can be taken care of by contacting Kia’s customer service line at 1-800-333-4542.


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