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Madeira Beach Man Arrested for DUI Crashes

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Posted on July 18, 2013

Deputies have arrested Grant Mulder, a man involved in two DUI crashes, NBC 6 South Florida reports.

This arrest came after the 41-year-old man from Madeira Beach struck a telephone pole, left the scene, and left the child passenger in the median at another location, struck two vehicles leaving two people with minor injuries; and left that scene, a Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office news release shows.

Deputies responded to the first crash with the telephone pole at 10:10 p.m. on July 10. They say a witness to the crash, saw that the airbag of the vehicle had deployed, hitting the child and approached the vehicle and attempted to help the 7-year-old girl out of the car, but Mulder drove away from the scene of the first crash with the child still inside the vehicle.

He headed to Duhme Road and the Tom Stuart Causeway, the intersection where the child exited the vehicle, according to deputies. Another witness saw the child and called 911.

The suspect then headed north on 113th Street where he struck two vehicles that were stopped side by side at the light at Park Boulevard. Deputies say Mulder tried to pass between them when he struck them from behind. The two drivers: 18-year-old Zachary Barrett and 21-year-old Rebekah Trout, were treated on scene for minor injuries and subsequently transported themselves to local hospitals for further medical treatment. Mulder then backed up, went around the crashed vehicles and continued north on 113th.

A deputy conducted a traffic stop at 113th and Ulmerton Road; and arrested the suspect. Deputies say when Mulder was placed in the deputy vehicle, he tried to kick the cruiser windows out.

Mulder was impaired and was arrested for leaving the scene of a crash with property damage, child abuse, leaving the scene of a crash with injuries, driving under the influence, and driving with a suspended or revoked license.

Mulder was transported to Pinellas County Jail where he was booked on July 11 at 1:40 a.m. He was released on a cash bond two days later.

This is just one of example of a tragic series of events involving drunk driving. If you have been injured as a result of a drunk driver’s negligence, please contact Vanguard Attorneys to protect your legal rights. Florida law allows for punitive and compensatory damages. Also if the establishment serving the drunk driver knew he or she was a habitual drunk or kept drinking after beer goggles were obvious, there may be liability on the part of the establishment. Our experienced attorneys will work hard to help you pursue the compensation you deserve and deter the drunk driver from injuring another person.

MADD Statistics

The statistics from the national organization, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, founded in 1980 by a mother whose daughter was killed by a drunk driver to aid the victims and families are staggering:

  • Every day in America, another 27 people die as a result of drunk driving crashes.[1]
  • Almost every 90 seconds a person is injured in a drunk driving crash.[2]
  • Drunk driving costs the United States $132 billion a year.[3]
  • About one-third of all drivers arrested to convicted of driving while intoxicated or driving under the influence of alcohol are repeat offenders.[4]

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