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Motorcycle Accident Preventive Safety Tips

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Posted on March 6, 2014

Some motorcyclists ride to save fuel while others ride simply for pleasure. No matter what the reason may be, it is critical for all bikers to ride with caution to prevent motorcycle accidents from occurring. Both novice and veteran riders can minimize the risk of a motorcycle accident by consistently implementing a few simple preventive safety tips.

Always Ride Defensively: Looking twice is an effective tactic when riding a motorcycle defensively. A rider should never assume that that the other driver sees him/her. Check your mirrors, signal, and then look again over your shoulder before changing lanes. Look around the corner through a turn. Assume the cars in front of you will not use their turn signals and be prepared to react instantly to cars that suddenly change lanes or turn off of roadways without signaling. At an intersection, wait to proceed until you are confident that other drivers see you.

Turn Safely and Steadily: Slow down just before entering a turn. If you enter the turn a little too fast, gently drag the rear brake to control your speed and stabilize the bike. Keep your feet up on the pegs at all times, with your knees in against the gas tank. Do not stick your foot out and drag it on the ground and do not turn your knee out. Keep the knees in and lean with your whole body core. In U-turns, keep your weight centered. Keep both feet on the pegs but shift slightly more weight to the outside peg. Drag the rear brake slightly through any slow, tight turns to help stabilize the bike and balance out fork sensitivity.

Think High-Visibility: Colors can serve purposes of both style and safety. Vibrant or fluorescent yellows and greens are most easily detected by the human eye. Lime yellow, the color of many construction or landscaping worker’s T-Shirts, is the most scientifically “eye catching” color. Alternately, orange has a wide variety of hues and saturation levels and ranks high on the visual sensitivity scale. If red is your preference choose brighter reds and avoid dark shades like maroon or burgundy. For a more subtle look – consider white. White jackets, white helmets and white paint all reflect the full light spectrum and stand out considerably in low light and darkness. Avoid tan, beige, and gray/silver to optimize visibility to other motorists.

Throttle and Ride Evenly: Operate the throttle evenly, at a consistent rate. Cruising in the proper gear creates less wear on the engine and powertrain components while keeping extra power on reserve for quick acceleration or engine braking. Steer smoothly and firmly, never panic and jerk the handlebars. Smooth, even inputs can help a rider to maintain stability while putting the motorcycle through less wear and tear over the long term.

Always Maintain a Safe Following Distance: Slowdown or change lanes safely if other vehicles cut in front of you. Following at a safe distance will help provide sufficient braking distance in case of an emergency and also provides a better window for evasive maneuvering if things suddenly go bad. A rider can steer away through narrow escape routes, often providing the best means of avoiding a skid or a collision. The opportunity to safely steer away shrinks dramatically without enough space between the rider and other vehicles.

As Florida motorcycle accident attorneys, we urge all bikers to follow the preceding safety tips to help make the roads a safer place for all motorists.


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