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Motorcycle Rider Dies After Collision with Light Pole in Clearwater

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Posted on September 23, 2013

On a Sunday night in late July, 48-year-old Anthony Nicholas Viggiano was riding his motorcycle southbound on Belcher Road near the intersection with Cleveland Street in Clearwater.

Viggiano was involved in a motorcycle accident just before midnight. He apparently lost control of his 2006 Honda and then crashed into a roadside sign and light pole. Viggiano was transported by ambulance to Morton Plant Hospital, but died from his injuries shortly thereafter.

Sadly, Viggiano’s death matches a recent statistic regarding the rising median age of motorcycle riders and amount of middle-aged riders. In the US, the median age of motorcyclists is 42, while the total number of riders over age 45 has increased by over 174 percent over the past 3-4 years.

Most riders can enjoy safer, accident-free trips by developing a few simple safe-riding habits:

  • Protection: Wear a properly fitted helmet at all times. Helmets need to be replaced every five years. Wear protective riding gear fitted with body armor plates and always keep legs and ankles covered.
  • Turns: Keep your eyes up and look through a turn as far around a corner as possible. Keep both feet on the footrests, knees in and close to the gas tank, leaning with your core, not your legs.
  • Visibility: Consider paint colors or riding gear with vibrant colors and using a modulating headlamp for increased visibility, along with reflective trim, panels, belts or vests whenever riding after dark.
  • Alcohol – Never drink and ride.
  • Pre-Ride Checks: Verify that the turn signals, running lights, headlight, and brake lamps are all functioning each time before you ride. Never ride with any non-functional bulbs. Check air pressure with a tire gauge, especially if the bike has been sitting for more a few days.


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