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One Dead in Fatal Pedestrian Accident

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Posted on April 2, 2014

On Thursday, March 20th, an Orlando man who was attempting to cross Colonial Drive near John Young Parkway was struck and killed in a fatal pedestrian accident late that night.

Police investigating the pedestrian fatality said the crash took place just a few minutes after midnight. A gray, four-door Toyota sedan was driving East on Colonial Drive towards downtown Orlando and hit the pedestrian as he attempted to cross. Emergency rescue crews were called to the accident scene and the pedestrian was transported to Orlando Regional Medical Center where he died as a result of severe traumatic injuries.

The driver, who remained at the crash site, does not appear at fault, and it is believed the pedestrian may have crossed through the intersection without the right-of-way, according to information provided in the accident report. A thorough investigation into the crash is still pending.

Walking the streets of the Orlando metropolitan area has become increasingly deadly in recent years. According to records kept by the Orlando Sentinel newspaper, 50 pedestrians were killed by cars last year in the Orlando area alone. Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville and Miami, frequently rank at the top of the list for most dangerous and deadly cities in the country for pedestrians as well as those who ride bicycles. Florida consistently ranks in the top three most deadly states for pedestrians, matched closely each year by California and Texas.


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