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Florida Dog Bite Accidents

With respect to personal injury lawsuits, animal attacks and the matter of liability primarily involve dog bites or dog attacks. Other types of animal attacks may occur in the wild or on public land, but typically have no involvement with… Read more

Understanding Premises Liability

In the state of Florida, all private and commercial property owners are subject to certain liability provisions defined by state premises law. They are responsible for the general safety of any person who enters their property, whether it is a… Read more

Drowsy Driver Statistics

Many drivers are aware of the dangers of driving under the influence (DUI), but drowsy driving remains an equally dangerous issue threatening the safety of all motorists on our nation’s roads. Drowsy driving is the leading cause of all fatal… Read more

Auto Accident Rates Improving for Older Drivers

About fifteen years ago, traffic safety researchers expressed concern that traffic accidents were likely to increase as the nation’s aging population inflated the number of older drivers on US roads. Now, new data indicates those projections have been proven wrong.… Read more