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Insured Driver Tired of Paying for Uninsured

According to the Sun-Sentinel, a 35-year resident of South Florida is upset because she has been rear-ended twice by drivers with no insurance. She told the paper that it is time to take action to prevent incidents like this from taking place. “They are out there, and they are going to hit you and injure you. We, the citizens who live by the rules and laws, are paying …

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Water Sports Accidents and Statistics

Encouraged by year-round sunshine and warm weather, water sports and activities are common for Florida residents and tourists. As temperatures climb in summer months, involvement in water recreation activities including boating, parasailing and kayaking increases as well. Unfortunately, water sports and boating activities also present relative dangers. Each year, carelessness and operator inexperience contribute to drowning deaths and serious anoxic brain injuries for those who survive drowning accidents. …

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Risks of Drowsy Driving

As America’s driving population grows, today’s county roads and interstates are constantly expanding in an attempt to keep pace with unprecedented demands that rush-hour traffic places on existing infrastructure. Many people are aware of the pitfalls of drunk driving, but drowsy driving is another dangerous condition that deserves our attention. Drowsy driving can impair a driver’s abilities just as much as the influence of alcohol or drugs, greatly …

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Tire Blowouts & Product Liability

A tire blowout is a specific type of tire failure in which a rapid loss of inflation pressure causes a tire to explode or burst. A blowout can cause a section of a tire to sever entirely or a chunk of the tire may literally “blow out”, leaving a visible hole in the side-wall. Tire tread can also separate, either due to impact, such as striking a pothole …

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Seven injured in crash on I-75 South

A day at the beach was seriously disrupted when a man allegedly cut off a semitrailer truck on Interstate 75, spurring an 11 car pileup near the Brandon Mall on Saturday, Aug. 3, media reports show. The car accident caused seven people were transported to the hospital – two of them in critical condition, four seriously injured, and one who suffered minor injuries. An Arizona man has been charged with “improper lane …

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Are Grandparents Safer Drivers?

Driving may get more difficult as people age and vision begins to decline with vision sometimes declining, but children may actually be safer with grandma or grandpa at the wheel, a study published in the journal Pediatrics suggests. Parade magazine reported that, although adults have a similar accident rate, accidents involving senior drivers resulted in less serious injuries. Most children were reported to have been restrained at the …

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Tips for Choosing the Correct Child Safety Seat

While today’s vehicles are equipped with air bags and advanced onboard crash computers designed to protect adults in a crash, using a properly sized child safety seat is the best way to protect a child in case of an accident. All fifty states require that children of the ages three and below be secured in car seats when riding in privately owned vehicles. Kentucky requires the use of …

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