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Slip and Fall Accidents and Statistics

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Posted on August 13, 2013

Slip and fall accidents occur every day in the US and cost millions in lost wages, medical bills and legal fees. Sadly, the largest percentage of slip and fall injury victims are made up of senior citizens. The resulting injuries from a slip and fall accident can be painful and permanent.

Sometimes, these accidents are due to conditions of negligence and fault may lie with another person, establishment, business, or manufacturer. In such cases, a personal injury attorney may be needed in order to protect a victim’s rights and also help recover monetary damages for medical bills, lost income, and pain and suffering.

14 Alarming Slip and Fall Accident Statistics

  • Slip and fall accidents account for over 1,000,000 emergency room visits each year.
  • Slip and falls are not a primary cause of occupational fatalities, but they do represent the largest cause of lost days from work.
  • 22% of slip and fall accidents resulted in 31 or more missed days of work, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.
  • Slip and falls are also the primary cause behind all workers’ compensation claims and account for the leading cause of job-related injuries for people ages 15-24.
  • Slip and fall incidents are the leading cause of compensable injuries in the American trucking industry.
  • Floors, mats, and flooring materials are found to contribute to 2,000,000 slip and fall injuries annually, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission.
  • Bone fractures occur in 5% of all cases of reported falls. Of all fracture injuries resulting from slip and falls, hip fractures lead to the most severe health problems and deaths among seniors.
  • Every year, one out of three people over age 65 will experience a slip and fall. 50% have been injured by a previous slip and fall accident.
  • 67% or all reported fall fatalities consist of senior citizens age 75 and older.
  • For senior citizens in the 65-84 age group, falls are the number two cause of injury-related deaths. For the seniors age 85 and older, falls rank as the number one cause.
  • Slip and fall accidents account for 87% of all fractures in seniors over the age of 65 and is the number two cause of spinal cord and brain injuries for this group.
  • Fall injuries are the primary cause behind 40% of all nursing home admissions.
  • The National Institute on Aging reports that 30% of all people over age 65 will fall, of which 10% will result in a serious injury.
  • At least 60% of nursing home patients will experience a slip and fall accident each year.

Slip and fall accidents, particularly those resulting from floor materials and job-related factors fare typically caused by negligent actions or conditions. In many cases, claims for compensation face large insurance companies at work on the other end. Injury victims should seek legal counsel and discuss their situation with an experienced injury attorney who can help the victim determine whether they are entitled to compensation and can also take the necessary steps to move the claims process forward.


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