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SUV Rollover Accident Statistics

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Posted on February 21, 2014

In the US, nearly 28,000 rollover accidents are recorded every year, with at least 600 of those rollover accidents occurring in Florida. Out of those 600, approximately 450 rollovers result in serious injury while more than 50 result in one or more fatalities. This means that nearly one person is killed each week. While commercial truck rollovers tend to make news reports as high-profile accidents, SUVs and pick-up trucks account for the largest segment of rollover crashes in the country.

Rollover Accident Definition

Any accident in which a vehicle overturns is considered to be a rollover. The vehicle may stop and come to a rest on its roof, its side, or back on its wheels after rolling over any number of times. Rollover accidents fall under one of two classifications:

  • Tripped Rollover: Caused by an impact of force applied by another external object such as a curb, uneven pavement, barrier or another vehicle.
  • Un-tripped Rollover: This occurs when overcompensation, speed and friction produce destabilizing forces strong enough to flip or roll the vehicle over using its own weight and momentum. Some un-tripped rollovers occur as a result of manufacturer defects, such as axle component failure or tire blowouts.

Rollover Accident Statistics

  • More than four in ten Americans think they are safer in a n SUV than in a regular car
  • Nearly 50% of Americans do not consider that loading contributes to the risk of rollovers.
  • SUVs rollover more easily than other types of vehicles-about 37% of fatal crashes, as compared to a 15% rollover rate for passenger cars
  • Fatalities result in 50% of rollover crashes
  • 80% of people who died in rollover accidents were not wearing seatbelts
  • 55% of all single car crashes involve vehicle rollovers
  • 75% of all rollovers involve SUVs, minivans, or pick-up trucks


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