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Tampa Drivers Ranked Among the Worst

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Posted on August 13, 2013

A writer for Slate put in words what many people already knew: Tampa drivers aren’t the greatest.

Brian Palmer, Slate’s “chief explainer” who has analyzed other serious issues like: “Hurricane Sandy: How to count the fatalities?” recently examined a completely different topic, America’s worst drivers.

He examined insurance mileage and accident reports, the Huffington Post reported, and he also did what many reporters love to do, he looked at the bottom of the annual “America’s Best Drivers Report,” published by Allstate Insurance Company, to instead find America’s worst drivers.

Tampa drivers were ranked fourth worst. Palmer explained that Tampa achieved this ranking since it was consistently poor in various areas as opposed to doing one specific thing horribly:

  • 5th in traffic fatalities
  • 10th in pedestrian strikes
  • 11th in DWI fatalities
  • 18th worst in years between accidents

The number one ranking city for the worst drivers was Miami, which ranked:

  • First in automotive fatalities
  • First in pedestrian strikes
  • First in obscenity-laced tirades of fellow drivers

Other cities that ranked among the top five for the worst drivers included:

  • Philadelphia, PA – No. 2
  • Hialeah, FL – No. 3, and
  • Baltimore, MD – No. 5.

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