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Wrong-Way Driver Causes Fiery Multi-Car Crash

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Posted on December 26, 2013

Florida Highway Patrol troopers are following through with an open investigation after a multi-vehicle crash on Thursday, December 19th.

77-year-old Carol Hubener was driving the wrong way and caused a fiery accident scene, delaying traffic for hours on I-95. The crash occurred in Brevard County near mile marker 42 right after 10am, according to the Florida Highway Patrol.

Troopers still don’t know why the Hubener was driving the wrong way in her Toyota SUV. She sideswiped on oncoming vehicle driven by 42-year-old Hal White, forcing it into 52-year-old Mark Monteith’s car. Fortunately, Monteith was able to get out of his wrecked Subaru sedan before it burst into flames. The intense heat from the blaze scorched the grass on the right shoulder.

Deputies say Hubener became confused and panicked, as she managed to turn her SUV in the correct direction and drove nearly 30 miles before a trooper caught up with her in Orange County. According to investigators, the woman was disoriented when she was pulled over.

Hubener was not hurt in the crash. The two other drivers, White and Monteith, escaped with only minor injuries. Authorities did not comment definitively on the woman’s mental state, but they did note that criminal charges are pending. In Florida, leaving the scene of an accident is a criminal misdemeanor offense if there are no serious bodily injuries.


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