Insurance Claims Assistance for Sailboats and Yachts Damaged by Hurricane Irma

The loss of life and property could have been much worse for many in Florida however Hurricane Irma still left thousands of sailboats and yachts damaged or completely destroyed and owners now face the challenge of navigating treacherous insurance policies written to favor large insurance companies. Paying the insurance premium alone does not  guarantee that owners will avoid a catastrophic economic loss, insurance companies routinely deny claims and refuse to pay out. Insurance claims on sailboats, yachts, and other nautical vessels may be denied for a lack of seaworthiness, a mistake when filling out the original policy application, or many other factors. Our attorney’s specialize in dealing with insurance companies, particularly those with a reputation for not paying claims.

With Billions of dollars on the line throughout Florida and the Caribbean, insurance companies will scour policies and claims looking for errors and omissions, giving them the opportunity to deny coverage. Some insurance companies may even have blanket denial policies simply in hopes you will give up because the process is so complicated. Paying out on claims is not good for their bottom line however experienced attorneys are often able to use the insurance companies own greed against them to provide consumers the protection they deserve and need.

Here are six questions to consider when assessing your sailboat, yacht, or other marine insurance claim:

  1. Is your insurance contingent on staying out of certain locations during the Hurricane season?
  2. Do you have hull and machinery insurance, or liability only?
  3. Is your vessels insurance policy based on the Institute Yacht Clause (IYC)?
  4. What exclusions does your policy have?
  5. How quickly must you report the loss before risking denial of coverage?
  6. Does your policy require a hurricane plan?

These are just a few of the questions which are likely to come up when making a claim on your sailboat, yacht, or other vessel. How you proceed from the start of the claims process is critical, for a no cost no obligation consultation please call or fill out the form today.


Image Credit: Yacht run aground. Phuket. Chalong