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Known as the Sunshine State the beautiful weather in Florida provides opportunities for Floridians to be on the water an in the water year-round. Unfortunately, Florida regularly leads the nation in boating accidents, boating fatalities, and drownings. In many instances these tragedies are avoidable and caused by the negligence of someone other than the victim. Whether caused by a distracted caregiver, unstable equipment, lack of lighting, or other unsafe conditions drownings are prevalent among young children. Many adolescents and adults are also the victims of drowning accidents or near drowning accidents which may result in serious long-term medical complications. Drowning accidents are often difficult to understand at first and may require some investigation to determine the precise cause. Boating accidents and boating deaths are equally tragic and come in a variety of forms. Similar to motor vehicle accidents the captain who is driving the boat may make a single decision which changes the lives of his passengers and himself in an instant. Or a vessel owner may fail to properly maintain the boat causing it to malfunction or fail to properly respond to controls. On the water there are a number of potential dangers both seen and unseen, when those responsible for the safety of others fail to follow the appropriate safety measures it may result in someone being negligently injured. At Vanguard Attorneys we understand the impact any injury has on the individual and often an entire family which is why we believe clients deserve attorneys rather than case managers. Our Attorneys will investigate what happened and fight against insurance companies who try to minimize the potential lifelong impact an injury has. If you or someone you care about has been injured, we are here to help, call us today for a free no cost no obligation consultation.

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