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Motorcycle Accidents

The unfortunate reality is that we share the road with people who are often distracted and not on the lookout for bikers. According to the National Highway Safety Administration, 4,502 motorcyclists were involved in fatal motorcycle accidents in 2010. With the frequency of these accidents, it is more important than ever for bikers to be alert and aware on the roadways.

Statistics show that, per mile driven, motorcyclists are 37 times more likely than a passenger car occupant to die in a traffic accident and 9 times more likely to be injured.

We have seen how devastating motorcycle accidents can be, and we encourage all riders to take a motorcycle safety course. Many times, motorcycle accidents occur because car or truck drivers are distracted or inexperienced. Unfortunately, a day that starts with a beautiful ride can end in tragedy because of a careless driver.

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Conducting an Extensive Investigation for Your Case

With extensive experience in motorcycle law, we are equipped to handle your personal injury claim. Many other law firms aren’t ready to handle the complexities that come along with a motorcycle accident cases and choose to settle for policy limits, leaving the client in a financial mess. However, this isn’t our team’s approach.

We will begin gathering information and evidence by:

  • Taking photographs of all the vehicles involved
  • Having your motorcycle stored for expert examination
  • Preserving all the gear worn at the time of the accident

Our compassionate Tampa personal injury lawyers aren’t afraid to fight insurance companies who try to cheat bikers out of what is fair. We know that motorcycle law requires thoughtful and deliberate representation and we are prepared to do so. While you are recuperating, Vanguard Attorneys will be working diligently to protect your rights.

To begin filing an injury claim, contact us as soon as possible.

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