Vanguard Award for the Arts


At Vanguard we are firmly committed to the belief that art isn’t purely aesthetic, it’s transformative. A powerful tool for engagement, art is a necessary and valued medium of public dialogue. Art reflects what’s happening in our communities, our cities, and our country, continually inviting conversation and encouraging action. As a mobilizing force for activism, art unites communities and celebrates diversity by giving voice and visibility to the issues we face, but don’t always know how to talk about. Art is the only medium that transcends the restraints and privileges of class, race, gender, sexual orientation, and ability to communicate the truths of the human experience. Because art promotes positivity and empathy through community mobilization, leadership, and activism, the Vanguard Award for the Arts was created to recognize art’s role in strengthening the vitality of our community. The award is two-fold:



At Vanguard Attorneys, we recognize the value of art’s role in our community and are committed to recognize those using art to make a difference. We encourage members of our community to nominate local organizations and artists for this award.